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Lead Consultant Message

Since the establishment of Panacea Private Consulting Group in 2014, we have expanded our area of expertise through highly value adding consulting services that assists
our clients to grab their target market more efficiently and effectively.

Panacea private Consulting Group started its journey from Chittagong, the commercial capital of Bangladesh with a vision to upgrade the condition of the factory to a level that it can compete with others throughout the world. Every Consultant in PPCG is highly motivated and devoted to provide their services which enable it to become a true
Partner of their clients.

We always believe that if we want to introduce new tool, first of all we have to align those people who would do that job. That’s why Training program becomes a core pillar of our consultancy. Besides, we also help them to implement those tools in practical field effectively with our vast experience and knowledge accumulated through job experience and providing services to our clients.

It is our policy to continue working with our clients more closely with a sense of commitment on a long term basis to ensure that the best practices are integrated into operations.

We will continue to serve as the One and Only Real Partner for our clients with the aim of assisting them to achieve their business goal and increase their value adding activities.

Azim Mohammad
Lead Consultant and Director
Panacea Private Consulting Group

Our Belief

Our consultant are solely g a mistake-proof and sustainable manufacturing system through following continuous improvement approach

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