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Our Expertise

Factory Start Up

In the commence of any factory, we provide following values to our clients –

  • Facility Planning
  • Facility Layout
  • Material Handling System Design
  • Technology Selection
  • Production System Design
  • Design Organizational structure and Framework.

System Design and Development

It is necessary for a company to design its business process which reflects its business objectives. So, when we committed to our clients to develop their systems, we try to establish a goal-oriented, effective and sustainable manufacturing system .

For ensuring an reliable system, we ensure the following values –

  • Reduce cycle time.
  • Reduce Lead Time
  • Reduce Variance
  • Develop SOP for each manufacturing process.
  • Do Capacity planning and build up capacity
  • Implement lean-six sigma tools and techniques
  • Train mid-level management
  • Design organizational structure and framework
  • Design work station ergonomically
  • Standardize documentation system.

Soft Skill Development Training

If our clients want to make their employees trained up with modern tools and techniques , our experts are ready to train them up based on their needs. Join lord of the ocean free game. We are offering following modules to our clients-
  • Cost-Benefit analysis in developing new product
  • Lean-Six Sigma Tools and Implementation
  • Leadership and Team Concept
  • Total Quality Management
  • Total Productive Maintenance

Our Belief

Our consultant are solely g a mistake-proof and sustainable manufacturing system through following continuous improvement approach

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