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Manufacturing Excellence

Customer’s demand is the most unpredictable things in the world and companies have to change their manufacturing strategy frequently to make themselves alive in the competitive global market. Now-a- days, customer wants right thing at the right place and time but with lower price which triggers manufacturing companies consistently to develop a customer responsive and cost-effective manufacturing system.

As a way to ensure manufacturing excellence, we follow Lean manufacturing system which seeks for value adding activities in every operation from raw materials to finish good by engaging everyone in the total supply chain.

Our experts are highly motivated and vastly experienced in ensuring manufacturing excellence while we work with our clients. Our experts has encountered several types of barriers while they embark upon the journey towards manufacturing excellence. They are –

  • Company has no quantifiable Key Business Objectives or if they have, those are not aligned with the customer demand.
  • No milestone or goal clarification for every functional department against strategic goal or key business objectives. As a result, department are working individually but no team work has been done.
  • No standard Operating Procedure for any operation which increases variation from the desired standard and makes delay in decision making.
  • Companies have not done any SWOT analysis as a whole or departmental which put them in a dilemma whether they go for one solution for all or take independent initiative for different problems.
  • Companies are focusing more on short term benefits rather than long term one which make its employee busy in fire-fighting whenever a problem occurs. Even though some companies are thinking to go for long term benefits, they have no multifaceted plans which are time-triggered and budget focused.
  • Although sometimes company develop a team for performing a particular task, seniors in the team focus only in designing and planning stage without justifying whether the task is done according to plan or not.
  • Team Leader only give importance in developing technical skills among the team members sidestepping their social skills ignorantly.
  • Employee are not given authority to make any decision or contribute to that decision which make them de-motivated to perform well in his job. Lack of proper evaluation of an employee and appreciation for good work does not allow them to hold ownership of the factory.
  • Company is complacent what they are now. Cultural predisposition does not allow the management to welcome any better change for the company as a whole.
  • Lack of proper supplier or customer relationship management causes most of the companies to linger in ensuring a smooth supply chain.

How we work

When we are about to detect the problems and prioritized solutions of those problems, we follow Lean Manufacturing System to design our activities. We believe in Kaizen to set our milestone and proceed through continuous improvement approach to make a feasible solution for all.

We define our activities into four steps –

  • Design
  • Do
  • Examine
  • Emend


Design the implementation Plan
  1. After defining the scope, select the tools to apply.
  2. State the operational goals in terms of KPI’s with time-action calendar
  3. Identify the Requirements (Team size, budget, administrative stuff etc.)
  4. Form team and assess the needs of training of team members
  5. Draw Implementation Flow chart( Material and/or information)
  6. Formulate the SOP for each activities and define responsibilities of every team member
  7. Finalize evaluation procedure and criteria to track the progress


Proceed to implementation phase
  1. Deploy the resources according to plan
  2. Do the work within determined time frame and budget
  3. Collect real time data for analysis


Examine to track the progress
  1. Calculate the KPI’s based on data and find out the deviation from standard or operational goal if occurs
  2. Analyze the data and find out the cause of variation
  3. Determine corrective action for solution
  4. Store the data for building preventive action program


Correct the process and improve performance
  1. Correct the process according to corrective action plan
  2. Re-evaluate the performance based on predefined KPI’s
  3. Suggest for further improvement plan

Our Belief

Our consultant are solely g a mistake-proof and sustainable manufacturing system through following continuous improvement approach

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