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Road to Sustainability

Sustainability is the ultimate destination what our experts prefer most whenever they work in any project.

We build the system in a way that does not depend on the people rather on itself. Every activity in the system are structured with defined standard procedure and every people are put in the system with defined responsibilities which allows factory to think more on improvement than struggling with the current standings. As we believe in Kaizen approach, we always try to find scope for improvement through team work and positive attitude.

In our every initiative taken for improving factory performance, we take different steps to ensure sustainability. They are :

  • Written and Graphical SOP is given for every activities
  • Every team has a audit schedule to ensure that standard procedures are followed properly ( i.e 5S audit team audit, Quality circle audit etc.)
  • Visualization concept is used to make employee aware about their responsibilities and to obey the rules.
  • We celebrate a predefined day focusing a purpose throughout the organization to motivate people to fulfill that particular purpose. ( i.e 5S day, TPM Day etc)
  • We ensure a participatory management from top to bottom of an organization towards achieving a common goal.

Our Belief

Our consultant are solely g a mistake-proof and sustainable manufacturing system through following continuous improvement approach

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