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Searching for improvement

Do you know what cuts off your profit margin or doesn’t allow you to forecast precisely about how much revenue you can generate in a year? How do you fix that problem which doesn’t let you think twice to solve that problem if happens again? Our experts have heard different types of problems when they ask those questions to our clients and finally they are capable of relating some problems which are identical to each other.

Take a look on the summary of problems factories are ever thriving for –

  • Excess Overtime
  • Late Delivery
  • Weak Supply Chain
  • Less Productivity
  • High rejection rate
  • Material wastage
  • Less adaptability with newer style
  • Incremental change-over time
  • Lack of necessary skilled people
  • Absenteeism and High Migration Rate
  • Poor Machine and Space Utilization
  • Fear to embrace new technology

It is very important for an organization to know exactly what consumes most all of its profits and causes a financial breakdown. We help our clients to identify those problems with a systematic approach and give an optimal solution of those.

How we search for betterment


Detect problems and prioritize those based on severity
  1. Measure the problems based on operational KPI and convert it into financial loss
  2. Prioritize the problems based on Opportunity cost


Diagnose the problems individually
  1. Identify the primary causes
  2. Have deep insight behind primary causes to find roots
  3. Relate root causes to get starting point


Define the scope for improvement
  1. Generate the options for feasible solution of each problem
  2. Do cost-benefit analysis and pick the best one

Our Belief

Our consultant are solely g a mistake-proof and sustainable manufacturing system through following continuous improvement approach

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